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Stay ahead with social intelligence by monitoring social activity of companies and people on professional social networks


Track and analyze important professional social activity

Empower your social intelligence strategies as individuals and companies increase their social footprint on professional social networks.


Take advantage of unexplored professional social networks

Gain a unique competitive advantage by monitoring social activity on professional social networks in addition to saturated consumer social networks.


Leave the dirty work to us

Leave the difficulty of aggregating social activity data from professional social networks to us so you can focus on generating actionable insights for your business.

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Social Intelligence & Listening

Hear what people and companies are saying, sharing and reacting to.

Get social activity data of individuals or company profiles on professional social networking sites.

Social Activity Data Points

Social Post Data
Image URL
Video URL
No. of Reactions
Document URL
No. of Views
No. of Shares
No. of Comments
Reacted Users
Reaction Type
Profile URL
User Comments
Profile URL
Data Extraction Methods

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